Innovation, culture and organisation

Developing an innovation culture and supporting it with infrastructure is a challenging task. Although everyone has a goal that research creates a better world and new jobs, many interests must be united along the way. We have worked with this for Danish and foreign universities and are happy to discuss opportunities for collaboration.


Establishing research-based spin-outs will be the most effective way to make a difference for many universities.

Spin-outs are in many ways, like the tip of an iceberg. They stand on the shoulders of years of research, rules and legislation. And not least, agreements on access to IPR, research collaboration and laboratories. It is therefore central to creating a framework for spin-outs that unites consideration for the universities’ research, motivates teams, attracts investments and collaboration partners. So the universities’ spin-outs grow strong and independent. So they make a difference and create new jobs. It is a challenging task. But we have, in all modesty, gotten away with it quite a few times.

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