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Many research-based inventions see the light of the day during long and complicated projects. Other times they come out of the blue. What is common is that commercialisation is often the beginning of a process that can be at least as demanding as the project from which the inventions may spring. For many researchers, it will be the first time. Or there will be new twists on the way. Here we make a difference. We have done it many times and know what it takes to succeed, even if we don’t always get it right on the first attempt. We are, after all, talking start-ups.

Spin-outs from SDU

Employees at SDU and other universities must report inventions to their employer in the same way as employees in private companies. SDU employees reports to SDU RIO. After the invention’s commercial or strategic value has been evaluated, SDU can choose to take over ownership of the invention. Some of these inventions are sought to be commercialised through the establishment of spin-outs in close collaboration with the inventing team. We participate on co-founder terms in the foundation with an ownership stake of 10 or 20% and a patent or software license agreement must be entered into with SDU RIO. The scope of the services we offer our spin-outs is linked to how large an ownership stake we have.

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