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Publiceret d. 02-03-2012
Now, the problem with piracy can be solved. At least if it is up to the newly started company NanOrig A/S. With nanotechnology, the company has developed a new kind of “fingerprint”, there without a hitch can reveal copies – without being copied itself.

Both manufactures and consumers finds it difficult to distinguish a copy from the original – regardless if it is clothes, parts or medicine. Therefore the products are being labelled with e.g. a hologram. But even the most advanced holograms and similar protection are being copied within 1-2 years. The backers, who are behind piracy are often professionals and hard criminals.

For both businesses and community, it is a huge and increasing problem. Piracy means huge loss of tax revenues. In addition, the community looses jobs and limits the Investors willingness to invest in new technologies. The value of piracy is more than 1000 billion Danish kroner per year.

Who is behind
The technology behind NanOrig A/S is developed and patented by NanoSYD at the Mads Clausen Institute at University of Southern Denmark by a group of scientists led by Horst-Günter Rubahn. Here they found out that the organic nanofibers grown under special circumstances, are very unique and can be equated to a human fingerprint
- With our technology, there can be produced a safety stamp where small pieces of crystal with organic nanofibers is on the surface.  The stamp will be applied to the product, which the manufacturer wants to be protected against piracy. The stamp is registered in a data base, so with a handheld reader and a connection to the internet, the manufacturer all over the world are able to determine, whether the product is from their own production or not, says Hort-Günter Rubahn, Professor and Head of institute at the Mads Clausen Institute at University of Southern Denmark.

NanOrig A/S is besides the University of Southern Denmark established by the investors Science Ventures Denmark A/S and Novi Innovation A/S.
- With the establishment of NanOrig, we believe that we are able to develop a technical and economic durable concept to protect brands world-wide against piracy, says Poul Kvist, Product Manager of Novi Innovation A/S.

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