First investment

29.08 2006 

The first investment by Science Ventures Denmark A/S  

RiboTask is the name of a newly-founded biotech company from Funen, Denmark working in co-operation with the University of Southern Denmark.

The company produces reagents - known as RNA and LNA - for biotechnological, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as the world of academic research.


RiboTask also offers to enter into permanent co-operation with other research areas or companies.

By virtue of its technology RiboTask is the ideal partner for research workers and companies, who would like to test new compounds in RNA.


RiboTask is also the first company to focus on synthesising LNA-modified RNA.

The market for these products is expected to grow dramatically in the next few years, as a result of the latest years research-breakthrough, what concerns the realization of the RNA molecules completely decisively role for lives process'.

- The establishment of RiboTask is an example on successful innovation and with this initiative we expect, that both the scientific and the technologically development in the region will be strengthen, says Jesper Wengel.


The company was started by Suzy Lena and Professor Jesper Wengel of the University of Southern Denmark.    

Jesper Wengel is the head of department a basic research centre that has over 50 researchers and research students attached.


Stop diseased cells

- By using a synthesising machine we connect different chemical compounds together - similar to Lego blocks with different shapes and colours. Molecular biologists can use our products when working with genes that can cause illness and therefore prevent the development of diseased cells, says Suzy Lena, the director of Ribotask.