Research Institutions

Binding co-operation 

Science Ventures Denmark A/S buys or licences inventions from research institutions. Our focus is on a select number of promising projects.

Thereafter we concentrate 100% on developing the project commercially in co-operation with research institutions, companies, investors and advisors.

Loyal partnership 

Consequently, Science Ventures Denmark A/S is not a consultant company that conducts marketing and technology analyses for the technology and inventions of institutions.  

Instead we prefer to enter into a loyal and binding partnership where all parties concerned can see the advantage in concentrating their energy and investing in a select number of chosen projects.  

Early stage technology

Science Ventures Denmark A/S is obliged by way of commissioning, or by way of buying or licencing the inventions from institutions on the condition that payment meets the criteria of institutions and inventors.

What says the law ?

The research institution is obliged to continue its involvement in the shape of jointly financed research which can further validate the technology behind the invention.