Vitamins for development projects !

Companies are increasingly realising the need for, and the gains to be made through research-funded development.

Science Ventures Denmark A/S offers to assemble a unique and highly qualified research team from one or more research institutions. The team can specifically address the company’s problems and technological challenges.

A focused course

We also assist with contract negotiations and can professionally handle patent administration and project co-ordination in co-operation with research institutions. 

This ensures a flexible and focused plan of action where the parties concerned can concentrate on that they are best at.

New companies

The individual company can choose to spin-off the development projects in its own companies. 

It can be a profitable solution, if the technology can be used outside the company's own business area.

A/S or ApS

Project development is often organised as shares or limited companies where Science Ventures Denmark A/S can enter as a co-investor.

The project companies mature to real venture financing. The alternative is to sell the technologies or licence them from the project companies to industrial partners.