Jens Kristian Damsgaard
Cand. oecon, MPM

Jens Kristian Damsgaard has been involved in business development and the supply of capital for several companies with roots in the University of Southern Denmark, Odense University Hospital, Denmark’s  Technological University, Risø National Laboratory.  
He has negotiated several licence agreements between research institutions and companies - both at home and abroad.  

The Board

Martin Zachariasen, chairman
Dean, the University of Southern Denmark 

Stig Poulsen
Partner and Area Director, Vækstfonden

Trine Winterø
Associate Dean for Innovation and Social Relations, University of Copenhagen

Main Aim

Science Ventures Denmark A/S unites the parties involved in a focused on a select number of promising projects.   

The projects are often organised as shares or limited companies with Science Ventures Denmark A/S acting as a co-investor. 

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